Getting started Articles

Getting started 21.02.2019 14:02:07

Getting started: Collaboration Vocabulary

This article contains explanations of common abbreviations.

Getting started 03.12.2018 13:40:13

Getting started: What is a VMR

This article describes in lay terms what a VMR is.

Getting started 22.02.2019 12:24:19

User guide: Self Service Portal in ATEA Anywhere

This article contains a guide for end users to the ATEA anywhere self service portal

Getting started 25.06.2020 13:46:40

Användarmanual för Atea Anywhere VMR (SWE)

Userguide for VMR

Getting started 22.10.2020 12:49:09

Konfigurera videosystem i tjänsten Kommunvideo (SWE)

Så här kommer du igång med ditt videosystem i tjänsten Kommunvideo.

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