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Collaboration Vocabulary

There are quite a few words and abbreviations that we use that might not be that obvious as to what they mean. We have gathered the most common words in a list here.

VMR Virtual Meeting Room. Read more here: What is a VMR
Endpoint By this we usually mean a physical video system. For example Cisco Telepresence Room Kit is an endpoint
URI This is a video address. VMRs and endpoints have URIs. For example is a URI address.
Meeting ID VMRs have Meeting IDs. For example 169855. This is used to identify the VMR when someone wants to call from a phone line.
WebRTC Video in the web browser. You can join a VMR with video/audio through a browser using the WebRTC standard. Check out
Interoperability  Being able to use and call different videosystems, clients and merge different technologies together without being locked in to a certain product
Presence Status symbols in your chat application. For example Available and Busy


 Interactive voice response. This is when you call a number and a voice appears giving you some options where you can choose for example 1, 2 or 3 and then enter #

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