Getting started: What is a VMR Last updated: 03.12.2018 13:40:13

What is a VMR


A VMR is a virtual meeting place that is always available. Here you can invite colleagues and external participants and be certain that everyone will be able to join and meet each other virtually regardless of the collaboration technology each participant uses. For example, Skype for business, Cisco Telepresence, Polycom, Life size, mobile phone, etc.. Usually you would join the VMR with video and audio from your favorite collaboration client or video system. But, you can also join in with just audio over a cell phone or landline. Read more about that in this article.

We have two types of virtual meeting rooms; personal VMR and shared VMR. A personal VMR can host up to 5 participants, a shared VMR can host up to 30 participants.

Key attributes

  • Uses pincodes

  • Compatible with all relevant standards-based devices including Skype for business

  • You can join a meeting through a web browser. We recommend chrome or firefox.

  • VMR owners can lock the conference, manage participants and call Skype meetings from the room.

  • Personal user statistics is available via the self service portal.

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