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Technical guides 22.06.2020 08:29:06

How to: Use the Atea Mobile API

This article describes how to use the HTTP Interface of the Atea Mobil SMS Gateway.

Technical guides 22.02.2019 12:25:12

Admin Guide: Self service portal in ATEA Anywhere

This article contains a guide for administrators to the ATEA anywhere self service portal

Technical guides 03.12.2018 13:47:25

How to: Create preconfigured links to launch conferences

This article describes how to create an URL that, when clicked, will open an instance of Infinity Connect in their default browser.

Technical guides 24.08.2019 07:27:14

Admin Guide: Install and configure Atea Anywhere LDAP Sync

This article describes how install and configure Atea Anywhere LDAP Sync. The LDAP sync enables customers to automatically sync and manage personal VMR in Atea Anywhere

Technical guides 13.09.2019 13:28:26

How to: Use the Atea Anywhere Meeting Room API


Technical guides 01.07.2020 13:48:25

Användarmanual för Touchpanel TC10 (SWE)

Swedish user guide of TC10, often used with systems in Kommunvideo or Anywhere.

Technical guides 27.11.2020 14:45:58

Användarmanual för Kommunvideo (SWE)

User guide of the Swedish service "Kommunvideo"

Technical guides 03.12.2020 13:49:35

Användarmanual för administratör gällande Virtuellt Mötesrum i Kommunvideo (SWE)

Admin guide for admins of VMR in Kommunvideo.

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