Admin Guide: Self service portal in ATEA Anywhere Last updated: 22.02.2019 12:25:12

Self service portal in ATEA Anywhere


As an admin in the ATEA anywhere self service portal you can add, change or delete your company's VMR's. You can view statistics on how often and how long the VMR's are in use. This will help you to optimize the use of your company's VMR's.


To create a user, use the following link.

Here you can create a new user, rest you password or logon as an existing user. When the user is created, ATEA administrators will assign you an admin role for your company.

Navigating the self service portal

You are greeted with a dashboard that contains an overview of your company's VMR's. You navigate the portal with the menu to the left.

My Services

Here you can view information about your personal VMR, call Skype for Business Meetings, and change you PIN. In order to use this service, the owner e-mail under the Edit Conference page needs to match the e-mail used to log on to the self service page. ATEA or the customer admin can add the owner e-mail under the Edit Conference page.
For a guide to using My Services, click the following link.

Help Center

Contains our support articles.

Virtual meeting rooms - List

Gives you a view of all your company's VMR's. Here you can click in to each VMR and edit the details if you wish.

Virtual meeting rooms - Create new

Enables you to create a new virtual meeting rooms. For information about virtual meeting rooms, go to the following Article.

  1. Enter the name of the meeting room.
  2. Enter a sutable description.
  3. Enterthe owners e-mail address. The welcome mail with address and PIN code information will be sent to the address added here.
  4. The PIN codes are autogenerated, but can be changed if you want.
  5. Chose a license. Personal rooms are limited to 5 participants. Shared rooms are limited to 30 participants.
  6. Enter the virtual meeting room address. The start and end of the address is predetermined based on values the ATEA admin has entered for you company. For customers without the product "Use own domain", will be the chosen domain. The screenshot is taken from our demo customer so the "" domain is used.
  7. When you press create, a copy of the welcome mail will be sent to the admin who created it.

Virtual meeting rooms - Usage

Shows verious statistics on the usage of you company's VMR's.

Accounts - Users

Gives you an overview of all the customer admins and customer users that your company currently have.


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