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Self service portal in ATEA Anywhere


As an end user in the ATEA anywhere self service portal you can view information about VMR, call Skype for Business Meetings, and change you PIN. In order to use this service, the owner e-mail under the Edit Conference page needs to match the e-mail used to log on to the self service page. ATEA or the customer admin can add the owner e-mail under the Edit Conference page.


To create a user, use the following link.

Here you can create a new user, rest you password or logon as an existing user. When the user is created, ATEA administrators will assign you an end user role for your company.

Navigating the self service portal

You are greeted with a dashboard that contains an overview of your VMR. You navigate the portal with the menu to the left.

My Services

This page showing basic information about your personal VMR and the company's shared VMRs. Here you can see PIN codes, dial-in numbers and the meeting dial-pad. This page is meant for basic administration of your own room and the Shared rooms you can find there.

For a guide on using the dial-in numbers to joine the meeting, click the following link.

For a guide on calling Skype For Business meetings, click the following link.

Administer VMR

Start Meeting: Click to dial and choose your preferred client to dial into the VMR.

Meeting Control Panel: Redirects you to the Web RTC control panel for the VMR. For a guide to this page click the following link.

Meeting Settings: Redirects you to the Edit Conference page of your VMR. Use the information listed under My Services to change the information of your VMR. ATEA or the customer admin can add the owner e-mail under the Edit Conference page.

Meeting Usage: Redirects you to the Virtual Meeting Rooms - usage page of the self service portal.

Meeting Recorder: Redirects you to the ATEA branded MNS recording service page.

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