How to: Call a skype for business meeting using your telepresence video system Last updated: 03.12.2018 13:56:01

Join a skype for business meeting using your telepresence video system


Telepresence video systems use SIP as a signaling protocol, this is an IETF  standard. All modern videosystems today support this standard as a way to communicate with other systems no matter which vendor you are using. Skype for business, on the other hand, use a different protocol for signaling, this makes Skype products incompatible with SIP based videosystems.

When you call a skype for business user directly from your telepresence video system or a skype for business user calls you, the call is made using an address both systems can understand and the call is bridged automatically. But in the case of a skype for business meeting the address you dial is not supported by telepresence video systems. To solve this problem you can use a virtual meeting room to bridge a call between skype for business and your telepresence video system.

How to join a S4B meeting

To join a skype for business meeting with your telepresence video system, follow the steps below.

  1. Call your VMR from the Telepresence video system and enter the pin code as usual
  2. Right click the "Join Skype Meeting" link and select "Copy Hyperlink".

  3. Go to This require customer user or customer admin access in the ATEA anywhere admin portal. For information on how to gain access and use the admin portal, click here.
  4. Select Skype for business from the Meeting Dialpads drop down menu and paste the link in the meeting dialpad and press the dial icon.

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