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Zylinc Service Center


The fusion between attendant console and contact center

Complete overview, efficient switching and casework.

Zylinc Service Center unifies the best from two worlds: The Attendant Console solution and the advanced Contact Center.

Zylinc Service Center is developed to give a complete overview of colleagues and queues as well as efficient call distribution and quick search function. In addition Zylinc Service Center gives an overview of employee availability and control of the entire call management process.



  • Advanced distribution of incoming calls, chats and mails. 
  • Advanced call-back.
  • Multimedia agents, distribution of chat and mail. 
  • Audio and text messages informing customers of number in queue, alternative service options, advertisements etc.
  • Agent cooperation – dividing Service Centre agents into primary and secondary call-receivers (skill-based routing).
  • Integrating to enterprise CRM or other systems, Service Centre agents are provided relevant information about the customer cal ling in, e.g. customer ID and histori cal data. 
  • History of the customer (last three calls).
  • Supervisor features for efficiency monitoring as well as report and statistics. 
  • Integrates e-mail, text messages and instant messaging. 
  • Real-time calendar updates and unique search features.
  • See status on the company’s chat-clients, softphones, IP phones and cell phones. 
  • Monitored call-handling, leaving the receptionist in full control over waiting, served, and returned calls. 
  • Extended control enabling the receptionist to regret and withdraw calls. 
  • Historic routing 
  • VIP routing 
  • IVR

Full integration

Zylinc Service Center works as a stand-alone solution or integrated with the other Zylinc applications to increase employee availability towards the customers.

Statistics module

Statistics module with report function and overview of:

  • Call handling.
  • Efficiency of agents.
  • Information for workforce planning.
  • Adjustment of call flow in order to use Contact Center resources efficiently.


Wallboard enables all agents to see:

  • Calls in queue.
  • Number of agents signed in out.
  • Queue time and service level.

The browser-based wallboard also allows agents to sign in and out of individual queues.

Administration portal

With the Administration portal you can:

  • Set up groups.
  • Calibrate call flow.
  • Assign roles.
  • Establish overflow, call back and audio messages.
  • Set service targets and record messages for peak periods.

Increase efficiency

Zylinc Service Center supports the process in companies, working to improve the call handling efficiency in customer service and similar departments, increasing the receptionist and agent utilization by making them a part of the Service Center center. Sydbank, the 5th largest financial institution in Denmark, is using Zylinc Service Center to handle approx. 200.000 calls per month. 75% of the calls are forwarded to a financial advisor or other relevant person. 

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