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Zylinc Mobile Operator


View your colleague’s availability directly on your Smartphone or tablet!

Zylinc Mobile Operator gives mobile employees an overview of the colleagues’ availability directly on their smartphone or tablet. 

Zylinc Mobile Operator you gives calendar, contact details and overview of availability in real-time on all your colleagues, directly on your smartphone or tablet. 


No matter where you are, you no longer have to waste time calling colleagues that are absent or busy. 

Optimize cooperation with the colleagues you work with most frequently! 



  • Internal phone book from Active Director. 
  • Buddy overview. 
  • Real-time status with mobile providers, Cisco, BroadWorks, Zylinc Contact Center.
  • Displays IM status from Microsoft Lync, Lotus Sametime, Jabber, Google Talk, XMPP and Skype for Business. 
  • Create absence and appointments (synchronized to company calendar). 
  • Secretary function – pull colleagues’ Cisco local calls to your cell phone. 
  • Camping – get information when your colleague is available to talk. 
  • Contact colleagues directly from Zylinc Mobile Operator.
  • Login/out of BroadWorks huntgroups. 
  • Overview and log in/out of Zylinc Contact Center using separate license.
  • Transfer call with Mobile Agent add-on license. 
  • Change of profile (including forwarding and "do not disturb").
  • Quickdial functionality. 


Zylinc Mobile Operator makes it easy to service mobile employees whether they use:

  • Android
  • iOS

Update as you go

With Zylinc Mobile Operator you can quickly and easily create a meeting in your calendar while on the move, thus updating your colleagues on your availability. 

Buddy overview

Optimize collaboration with colleagues you work with most frequently and review their calendar and phone status with Zylinc Mobile Operator. 

Add-on application

Zylinc Mobile Operator is a separately licensed application for Zylinc Time, Zylinc Operator, Zylinc Attendant ConsoleZylinc Contact Center or Zylinc Service Center.

Supported platforms



Calendar integration

List of supported calenders.

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • Google Calendar

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