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Cisco jabber for windows


This documents explanies to most comon features of jabber for windows.

Note: This document is not a list of every supported feature in jabber for windows.


  1. Status message
  2.  Recent calls
  3.  Menu
  4.  Voice Messages
  5.  Search or call bar
  6.  Meetings
  7.  Contacts
  8.  Custom Groups
  9.  Chats
  10.  Phone Controls

Use My Computer for Calls

You can tell Cisco Jabber for Windows to send calls to your computer or to your phone.

1.   From your hub window, open the Phone Controls drop-down menu.

2.   Select your preference.

Customize My Client

You can access your options and preferences for Cisco Jabber to customize how your client behaves.

1.   From the hub window, select Menu > File > Options.

2.   Select any tab in the Options menu to make your choices.

Set Up My Phone Accessories

You can change which microphone and speakers are used by the client when you have at least one phone accessory for call control. You can specify the audio options directly from the Phone Controls icon on the hub window. 

1.   From a chat window, select the Open audio options icon.

2.   Select the speakers and microphone that you want the client to use to send and receive your audio.

3.   To open the Audio tab of the Options dialog, select Audio Options. From this tab, you can also test the sound to check that it is working

4. Select Apply then OK

Forward Calls

To avoid missing calls when you are not at your desk, you can forward calls to another phone number.

1.   From your hub window, open the Phone Controls drop-down menu.

2.   Select Forward Calls To and specify the phone number.

Forward Voice Messages

You can forward voice messages to other users and groups, and include your own recorded message to send with it.

1.  On the Voice Messages tab, select the voice message that you want to forward.

2.  Right-click over the message, and select Forward Voice Message.

3.  Specify who you want to receive the voice message.

4.  To record your own personal message to be played before the voice message, select the Record button then Done when you are finished.

5.  Send the voice message.

Collaborate With My Contacts

When chatting with a contact, you can use controls to:

  1. Add them to your contact list
  2. Share your screen
  3. Start an instant meeting
  4. Choose audio options
  5. Start a phone call

Collaborate with Groups

You can work with the people in your custom groups to apply an action to everyone in it.

  1. Right-click over the banner of the custom group name.
  2. Select an action from the menu, such as Alert When Available, Start Group Chat, or Send Broadcast Message.

Add New Contacts

Add people to your contact list by searching for them in your organization. Once they are part of your contact list, you can easily double-click on their names to start a phone call or a chat.

  1. In the Search or call bar, start typing the person’s name to search the directory, or enter the username directly if you know it.
  2. Select which group to add the new contact to and select Add.

Chat Options

In a chat you can:

  1. Send a file x Mention a user
  2. Insert an emoticon
  3. Edit the font size and color
  4. Add participants to create group chats
  5. Show the chat in a new window
  6. Send a screen capture



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