How to: Use VMR Plugin for outlook Last updated: 19.02.2019 13:47:21

Meetnow For Outlook

We have developed an Outlook plugin which makes it easy to invite others to your virtual meeting room. Meetnow can be dowloaded here

1. Download and install Anywhere Meetnow for Outlook exe.

2. Restart Outlook. You will be asked to the load plugin.

3. You should now have a new button and a new tab in Outlook on the top right. Click on the icon and chose “New meeting”. You will then get a meeting invitaion pre-filled with all the information needed for a participant to join the meeting.

This plugin is primarily made for personal a VMR. For a shared VMR you also have to know if the room is available. A sollution to this is  adding the room as a bookable resource in Outlook.


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