How to: Use anywhere phone book service Last updated: 03.12.2018 13:45:04

ATEA Anywhere phone book service


The phone book service is an external phone book for video endpoints. The endpoint connects to this service to receive a centrally managed phone book which is separated per customer.

NB: Does not integrate with Cisco Jabber

Administrating the service

It is possible for the customer to administer the records in the phone book. Register a user via the admin page for Anywhere phone book using the follwin Link. After you have registered and verified your email account ATEA will grant the correct access. You will get a notification  e-mail stating the correct access has been given. This will give you  full admin access for your company’s video phone book. You can create folders and contacts.

Create folder

Right click on the root folder and select “Add Folder”.

Create contacts

Right click on the folder you wish the contact to be created in and select «Add Contact». DisplayName is the name of the contact as shown in the phone book. If you set Hide to «ON» then that contact will not be displayed in the phone book.

When the contact has been created you have to add an address.

Click on the icon edit icon on the contact

Click the green button “New”. Add the address which belongs to this contact and press Save.

In this example a contact named Møterom 1 have now been created under the folder “Møterom”. Phone book records are immediatly updated on the endpoints.

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